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We are proud to introduce you to CLARY'S WIGS, a family business serving customers internationally, with top of the line wig products for close to twenty five years.

Our attractive catalog includes Clary's Wigs' most popular classics as well as a new line of contemporary styles including Funky, Long Branch, Dream Fall and more. At Clary's Wigs we continue to be proud of our sophisticated designs, superb workmanship, superior quality and up to date approaches to the contemporary world of wigs. We are proud that our products have consistently been ranked as the best, sought out by customers seeking the long lasting, better quality, chic product, while our staff strives to meet our clients' needs in a personalized manner both in the United States, Europe and Beyond.

Each wig is treated individually in its hair selection process, construction and manufacturing. There is no mass production – there is only “your wig!”

Only the finest quality European human hair are used. Our long standing reputation as the company with the best quality hair is enviable in the industry.

All colors are 100% natural European human hair. There are no synthetic products. We do not dye hair. For all custom orders, hair is blended to client’s desired shade.