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CLARY'S WIGS' curly and wavy styles are among our banner products, considered unique and hard to duplicate.

All Clary's wigs are constructed so that little cutting is necessary. Right out of the box, the style ordered is recognizable just as depicted in the catalog.

All our products including the curly/wavy styles are available with multi-directional tops, with or without a white natural looking scalp.

At CLARY'S WIGS you are our most important customer. The attention given to you and your requested products complements our chic and sophisticated wig products.

At CLARY'S WIGS we have seen thousands of faces light up when putting on their Clary's wig. We are confident your customers will likewise react with satisfaction and a renewed sense of self and dignity. We assure you of our caring, sensitive service and prompt response so that you too can join the ever-growing list of satisfied CLARY'S WIGS clients.

Feel free to be in touch so we can further discuss your particular needs. Do keep in mind that our wholesale prices are adjusted to meet orders of 5 or more wig units. Your first order of 3 or more wig products will reflect an automatic 10% reduction on your invoice.

Best regards,

Erwin Zinger