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EACH wig is treated individually in its hair selection process, construction and manufacturing. There is no mass production at Clary's Wigs – there is only one Clary's wig manufactured at a time.

ONLY the finest quality 100% virgin European human hair is used to manufacture Clary's wigs. Our long-standing reputation as the company with the best quality European human hair is enviable in the industry.

ALL hair used in the manufacture of Clary's wigs is personally selected and purchased raw and unprocessed by Klari Guttmann Safran, internationally renowned founder of Clary's Wigs and designer of all Clary's Wigs styles, from one consistent, exclusive and verifiable source that has been used uninterruptedly for the past twenty years when Klari began manufacturing her own brand name Clary’s wigs. Klari Guttmann Safran's experience in hair styling and wig design started when she was a mere sixteen years old when her father encouraged her to pursue formal training,education and apprenticeship in all aspects of hair anatomy, biology, analysis, styling and designing. Her expertise and vast experience continues to be sought after by stylists and salons throughout the United States and Europe.