Hair Specialist In-Depth Look at Clary's Wigs
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ALL Clary’s wigs’ colors are 100% natural European human hair. There are no Clary’s wigs that are dyed, bleached, or processed products.

AT CLARY'S WIGS there are only wigs that are produced from hair in their natural, unaltered state. This is easily verified both through trained hand feel as well as microscopic tests.

With proper care Clary’s wigs have a lifetime of 10 years and even longer, a phenomenon that is possible only when the hair used is not processed, permed, bleached and/or dyed (which factually is not possible with Indian /Asiatic hair because only darker colors are naturally available. All other colors are a result of bleaching, dyeing and/or perming. The lightest color obtainable naturally from Indian hair is color 4).

Because CLARY’S wigs (both out of the box as well as custom pieces) are all manufactured from 100% natural European human hair

  • They remain in the style and form originally conceived as portrayed in our catalog [straight, curly or wavy]
  • No form or style is created through artificial means such as perm or body waving. The Clary’s wig created takes the form of the naturally born texture