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Clary's Location Klari Guttmann Safran's vision, creativity and unique initiative were broadened when Clary's Wigs new 55th Street location opened in October 2004. The finely decorated premises located on a beautiful Brooklyn, New York quiet corner, were created to enhance serving both professional and private clients' needs with Clary's Wigs world-renowned expertise and trademark sophistication.

Clary's SalonThe on-site upscale showroom and salon are available for professional wig stylists as well as private clients' appointments and service, so that they can see, feel and appreciate the uniqueness of each of Clary's Wigs natural, classy and long lasting hair products.

Clary's ShowroomProfessional stylists are now able to assist and service their clients in the fine, relaxed and most sophisticated manner and surroundings, when they meet their clients here. Clary's Wigs encourages stylists to utilize these elegant facilities, where they may be given full support and reinforcement from our knowledgeable and service oriented staff, while also having the great variety of Clary's Wigs products readily available in all colors and styles from Clary's Wigs stock on the premises.

Private clients are warmly welcomed and encouraged to call for a private appointment, as well as to be accompanied by their own stylist.

Tuesdays at Clary'sAs a further convenience to our clients, private appointments may be available on Tuesdays to meet and consult with Klari for special styles, custom orders, new models, detailed fitting and extraordinary and sensitive health requirements including hair loss due to alopecia, chemo treatements, illness and other conditions. Klari's special touch and extraordinary sensitivity and understanding with all aspects of hair loss needs, have previously won commendation, accolades and recognition from health professionals and administrators in Belgium.