Hair Specialist In-Depth Look at Clary's Wigs
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  1. Use a good conditioner that you would comfortably use for your own hair (particularly for rejuvenating old wig).
  2. Rinse again, until water is clear.
  3. Quickly towel-dry and re-comb wig. Note: Never leave your wet wig in a towel. If you do, it will loosen the knots as well as the baby hair on top.
  4. Leave the wig hanging to air-dry. If you have a curly wig, you are done. Enjoy!
  5. For a straight wig: After wig air-dries, set or blow-dry on a head-form to achieve your style.

Washing wig after wearing 28-30 times is recommended.

These washing instructions are for Clary’s wigs only; we do not take responsibility for these instructions being used on any other wig, as these guidelines are in compliance with Clary's Wigs quality and manufacturing technique.